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7.28 Systems Biology: Functional analysis of natural microbial consortia using community proteomics


Nature Reviews Microbiology 7, 196-205 (March 2009)

Nathan C. VerBerkmoes, Vincent J. Denef, Robert L. Hettich & Jillian F. Banfield


We know very little about the metabolic functioning and evolutionary dynamics of microbial communities. Recent advances in comprehensive, sequencing-based methods, however, are laying a molecular foundation for new insights into how microbial communities shape the Earth's biosphere. Here we explore the convergence of microbial ecology, genomics, biological mass spectrometry and informatics that form the new field of microbial community proteogenomics. We discuss the first applications of proteogenomics and its potential for studying the physiology, ecology and evolution of microbial populations and communities.

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