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The Lecture notebook “Basics in Biology”-  Part I and II is prepared for the students I and II semester, studying Bachelor’s programs “Applied biology” and “Earth sciences” in New Bulgarian University. Some topics could be used by the students from Bachelor’s program “Artes liberales” and the course OOOK 0090 “Reproduction” as well.

            The aim of the book is to present in a simple and compact way the basics in the contemporary biology and it's historic development.

            The book content coincide the lecture plan of the course GENB 007 and cover the main fields in biolgy: Part I – Biology of organisms and Part II – Cell biology. In the book are highlighted the most important basic terms, facts and prominent  scientists and the main processes at a cell and body levels. Special attention is given to the World’s highest biological discoveries and their inventors honored with Nobel prize.


I would like gratefully to acknowledge both reviewers – prof. Boriana Piryova and  prof. Evgeny Golovinsky for their critical remarks and the valuable recommendations on the book’s structure and content.

I also would like to thank prof. Jivka Vinarova, Head of the Department “Biomedical sciences”, New Bulgarian University for her administrative support during the book publishing. 

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