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About the author

Asst. prof. Dr. Galina Satchanska is a magister in “Biochemistry and microbiology”, graduated at Sofia University. She worked out her PhD thesis at the Institute of Molecular Biology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences under the supervision of prof. Evgeny Golovinsky. Her PhD is focused on the molecular genetics of bacteria inhabiting  polluted environments and  their  application for xenobiotic biotransformation. Part of the experimental work was performed in the Dr. Sonja Selenska-Pobell’s Lab at the Institute of Radiochemistry, Research Center Dresden – Rossendorf, Germany. Since 2007 G. Satchanska is a university teacher at the New Bulgarian Univerisity, Department “Biomedical sciences”, Sofia.

G. Satchanska specialized many times as an invited researcher in research institutes in Europe – Institute of Radiochemistry, Research Center Dresden – Rossendorf, Dresden, Germany; Center for bioingeneering “Gilbert Durand”, National Institute for Applied Sciences, Toulouse, France. She is a invited guest-lecturer at the Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia.

She attended several international projects financed by NATO, UNESCO, German Federal Ministry of education and Science (BMBF), Saxonian Ministry of Science and Art (SMWK) and German Exchange Serivce (DAAD). Additionally, she has worked as a member or a project manager at national research projects, financed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science - MON.


Satchanska’s publication record comprise over 20 paper in “peer-reviewed” journals. She participated over 30 national and international scientific congresses and conferences, work-shops, training courses etc. Her citation index abroad is 60.

Galina Satchanska is a member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, Sections: “Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular biology” and “Microbiology”.

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