Iliana Iotova, Vice President of The Republic of Bulgaria

Emil Radev, Member of the European Parliament

European Policies in the field of Internal Security and their Influence on Bulgaria

Monika Panayotova, Vice Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU CoUncil

Denitsa Nikolova, Vice Minister of Regional Development and Public Works

Desislava Ahladova, Vice Minister of Justice

Dimitar Yotov

Chairman of the Consumer Protection Commission

Impact of the EU Law and Policies on the Legislation in the field of Consumer Protection

Rozita Elenova

Member of the Council of Electronic Media

The Speech of Hate as a Media Phenomenon



Prof. Ekaterina Mihaylova, PhD

Measures in the field of Lawmaking Process - Bulgarian and European Requirements

Prof. Malina Novkirishka, PhD


Prof. Raina Nikolova, D. Sc

Organization and Efficiency of Public Administration Activities in Bulgaria (2007 - 2017)

Prof. Dimitar Radev, D. Sc

The European Union as a Factor for the Judicial Reform in Bulgaria

Prof. Atanas Semov, D. Sc

Again on the Double Approach of EU – de Lege Ferenda Proposals concerning the Impossible Adhesion of the EU to the European Convention of Human Rights and the Enforced Effectiveness of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights 

Associate Prof. Denitza Toptchiyska, PhD

Ethics, Rights and Technologies in the context of Personal Data Protection in the EU (Possibilities for international data transfers outside the EU)

Associate Prof. Boyka Cherneva, PhD

The Principle of Non-discrimination in the law of the European Union and the Bulgarian Legislation

Associate Prof. Manol Stanin, PhD

Bureaucratic Lawmaking

Associate Prof. Zornitsa Yordanova, PhD

The Political Rights of Citizens according to the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria after Accession to the European Union

Chief assistant Prof. Simeon Groysman, PhD

Legal Aspects of the Relationship between Power and Knowledge in the context of the European Reform in Data Protection

Chief assistant Prof. Georgi Mihaylov, PhD

Criteria for Assessing Lawmaking Process

Chief assistant Prof. Deyana Marcheva, PhD

Human Rights as a Constitutional Principle in the Law of the European Union

Dimitrina Petrova

The Establishment and Functioning of the EU Internal Market as a basis for Harmonization and Synchronization of Taxes in the Community

Prof. Ganeta Minkova, PhD

Tax Legislation after the Membership of Republic of Bulgaria in the European Union

Associate Prof. Atanas Simeonov, PhD

Customs Union and Common Customs Administration of the European Union

Associate Prof. Emilia Stankova, PhD

European Practices for the Prevention of Tax Fraud according to VAT Act

Chief assistant Prof. Pamela Bouchkova, PhD

Practical Problems in the Implementation of the Administrative Contract under the Law on Management of Grunts from European Structural and Investment Funds

Chief assistant Prof. Guinka Simeonova, PhD

General Characteristics of Public State Receivables Originating from the European Union

Kalina Georgieva, PhD

Principles for the Re-use of Public Sector Information and Standard General Terms for Open Data in Bulgaria. Progress of Bulgaria in the Process of Opening Data from the Public Sector

Ani Miteva, PhD student

Tax Discrimination in the Law of the European Union

Associate Prof. Valentin Vassilev,  Chief Assistant prof. Gergana Kresnaliyska, PHD, Chief Assistant Prof. Olga Chorbadjiyska, PhD

Рractical Dimensions of Research in the Field of Public Administration

Prof. Nikolay Arabadzhijski, PhD

Development Policies for Administration of the Executive Authority in the Republic of Bulgaria for the Second Program Period of Membership in the Еuropean Union

Prof. Hristo Ivanov, PhD , Associate Prof. Tetiana Chernyavskova, PhD

Comparative Analysis of the Management and Self-Governance in the Republic of Вulgaria and Ukraine

Chief Assistant Prof. Katia Hristova-Valcheva, PhD

Effects and Defects of the Special Instruments: The Contribution of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanisms, the European Semester and the EU Journal of Information on the Development of an Effective Justice System in Bulgaria

Associate Prof. Dobrin Dobrev, PhD

Development of  Higher Education in Вulgaria

Associate Prof. Evgenia Penkova, PhD,  Associate Prof. Denitsa Gorchilova, PhD

Market and Non-market Alternatives of Social Activities: Bulgaria in the Period 2006-2016

Chief Assistant Prof. Mariana Dimitrova, PhD

Impact of Вulgaria's ЕU Membership on the Labor Market and the National Employment Policy

Associate Prof. Zhivko Draganov, D.Sc.

The New Directive on the Protection оf Undisclosed Know-how аnd Business Information (Trade Secrets) and some Aspects of its Transposition

Veronika Kancheva and Edward Hovsepian,  Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria (AICB)

Creating Awareness Environment and Conditions of Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises as a Way to Optimize the Single Market

Associate Prof. Vesselina Maneva, PhD

Impact of the Law of the Еuropean Union on the National Legal Framework in the Field of Protection of Intellectual Property Rights. Expectations and Perspectives

Nelly Madanska, PhD

For the Europeanization of Insolvency

Chief Assistant Prof. Emilia Dimitrova, PhD

The Concept of "Market Force" in the Context of Market Abuse

Chief Assistant Prof. Borislav Borisov, PhD

Impact of the Law of the European Union on the Development of Mediation in Civil Cases in the Republic of Bulgaria - Problems and Steps of their Removal


Assistant Hristina Atanasova, PhD

Directive 2004/48 /EC  on the Exercise of  Intellectual Property Rights and Case C-367/15

Prof.  Veselin Tsankov, D.Sc

Migration Law of EU and its Impact on National Law and Practice

Associate Prof. Katerina Yocheva, PhD

Consular Protection for European Union Citizens in Third Countries

Associate Prof. Gergana Marinova, PhD

Challenges to Criminal Procurement Legislation in Implementing the Requirements of the Directives of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union

Tzvetomir Panchev, Head of Legal Services and Administrative Coercive Sector at the Ministry of  Labor and Social Affairs, PhD student

European Standards for Securing the Right of  Defense of the Accused Person in Criminal Proceedings and their Introduction into the National Legal Framework.

Chief Assistant Prof. Iva Pushkarova , PhD

Standards of the European Court of Human Rights in the Field of the Most Punished Penalties: Compliance of Life Imprisonment without Replacement with Art. 3 of the ECHR Context of Pardon Practices

Prof. Stefka Naumova, PhD

Impact of EU Law on National Environmental Protection Legislation

Associate Prof. Todor Kolarov, PhD

Responsibility for EU Mixed Contracts

Associate Prof. Ivailo Staykov, PhD

Subject, Nature and Jurisdiction of the Claims to Establish Labour and/or Social Security Experience

Chief Assistant Prof. Silviya Tsoneva, PhD

Suing the State in Damages for Breach of EU Law

Maria Chochova, PhD

Concepts of  Working Representation, Information and Consultation According to the Labor Code

Krassimira Valcheva, PhD student

Community Policies and Regulations in the Field of Pharmacies against Counterfeits Drugs

Georgi Dimitrov, PhD student

Examination of the Interaction of the Institutions on the Application of the Law of Protection against Domestic Violence