New Bulgarian University

Department Mass Communications

Annual book 2017


Editorial Board:


Prof. Tolya Stoitsova, PhD, D. Sc.


Prof. Rusi Marinov, PhD,  D.Sc.

Prof. Mihail Meltev, PhD

Prof. Dessislava Boshnakova, PhD

Prof. Rossen K. Stoyanov, PhD


Editor in Chief:

Assist. Prof. Todor G. Panayotov, PhD 


ISSN 1310-8670

Articles by Fellows of the Department:


Intelligent and Neural Networks

Prof. Rusi Marinov,PhD,D. Sc.


Three Top Problems Reflected in Bulgarian Mass Media

Prof. Tolya Stoitsova, PhD, D. Sc.


The Rise and Fall of Film Masters

Prof. Mihail Meltev, PhD


Lean Production Principles in the Special Events

Prof. Dessislava Boshnakova, PhD



Four-Dimensional Man

Prof. Rossen K. Stoyanov, PhD



The short film and its definitions in Wikipedia

Assoc. Prof. Petia Alexandrova, PhD,D. Sc.  


The First Association of Press Distributors in Bulgaria

Assist. Prof. TodorG. Panayotov, PhD


The News Aggregator – a Form of a Successful Digital Agent

Assist. Prof. Stoyko Petkov, PhD



Young Bulgarians and Charity Communication  

Assist. Prof. Evelina Christova, PhD           


The Evolution of Communication

Assist. Prof. Desislava Dankova, PhD


Emotional Branding and the Lovemarks Theory

Boryana Gigova, PhD



Articles by PhD students:


Internship Program for Professors or the Changing Environment Challenges and New PR requirements

Elitsa Georgieva


Construction of Public Service Broadcasting in Turkey and TRT Example



The Role of Media in Disaster and Emergency Communication Models

Stavros Кalogiannidis


Spring Conference

Are you going professional journalism and professional PR?


Autumn Conference

The Factor "Truth"


Summer School on PR

Freedom of speech in the digital age


Books by Mass Communication Department Fellows

Political communication practices by Prof. Rossen K. Stoyanov

Audio vision. Production, distribution, display byAssist. Prof. Stoyko Petkov



PR Prize 2017


Alumni employed before graduating, 2017


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