Нов български университет



Margarita Stankova


New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria



The main symptoms of hyperactivity and attention deficit are related to problems of concentration and stability of attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. These problems should be highlighted persistent, heavy and intensive, Boyanova, Stankova , 2005. On the one hand, these difficulties should be assessed in accordance with the age and social situation in which the child is living, the other - to determine the presence of hyperactivity and attention deficit required period of observation. According to Cambell, 2000, the requirement for a six month period is appropriate relationship to the differentiation of children with hyperactivity and attention deficit and other disorders, most commonly anxiety and - response to stress experienced after life crises.



Published in: Stankova, M., Boyanova, V. red. Metodologii za rabota s detsa sas SOP, izd. Eto, 2012 /99-102 str./









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