Expermental study on education methods in eHealth, IADIS e-Society 2012 (ES 2012) Conference, March 2012

Prof.d-r Jivka Vinarova, PhD, DMSc, assis.prof. Polina Mihova, PhD


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Interactive methods of education in eHealth

Interactive methods of education in eHealth

Polina Mihova, Jivka Vinarova, Iliya Pendzhurov

Department of Biomedical Sciences

New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria





Health has the ability to empower citizens in managing their health and lifestyle and provides them with tools for better health education and response ability to cope with their conditions. Interoperability of health information systems such as electronic health records systems, facilitating the deployment of telemedicine services and patient safety are currently some of the priorities of European Commission and many EU regions and countries in order to support continuity of care, mobility and safety of patients.

For developing countries, delivering even basic health care and education to remote, sparsely populated regions has long seemed an almost insurmountable challenge. Today, thanks to the advent of broadband communication links and advances in compression and image processing technology, tlemedicine and tele-education applications are becoming cost-effective solutions.

The new challenge is to promote quality standards for educational programs and tools that require a systematic approach and a means for continuous improvement of those standards. The basis for telemedicine and eHealth is the technological progress that we are observing in the last decade. The purpose of this paper is to present combination of educational methods – paper and digital formats,  that would encourage medical experts to accept and get used to electronic mode of work.


Keywords: medical informatics, eHealth, telemedicine


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