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Pendzhurov I., P.Mihova, J. Vinarova, A. Alexieva


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e-Ophthalmology – one solution for innovative health management

e-Ophthalmology – one solution for innovative health management

Iliya Pendzhurov1, Polina Mihova2, Jivka Vinarova3, Anita Alexieva4

1, 2, 3 Biomedical Science Department,

1penjurov@nbu.bg, 2pmihova@nbu.bg, 3jvinarova@nbu.bg, 4kylie39@abv.bg

New Bulgarian University, Sofia, 1618, Bulgaria,


Abstract: Modern information systems are not only technological, but also organizational and human dimensions. They are an integral part of the business organization and a product, consisting of three main components: organization, people and technology.

Medical information systems are designed to automate the activities, associated with diagnosis, treatment and personal health management of patients in hospitals and medical centers. 

In Bulgaria there are over 520 medical centers. In the same time, software market for medical health solutions is still gaining experience, although there are companies with approximately 5 years experience. And despite the potential to grow, it happens at a slower place noticeable.

This paper presents a functional software development, specialized for ophthalmic practice in Bulgarian medical environment. The record design is subordinated to the Bulgarian and international medical laws for storing personal and medical information. It allows storing any processing medical data, needed for full eye examination – medical history, visual status, hematological, biochemical and urine examination, attaching ophthalmoscope and etc. images, option to set medical diagnostic term and patient observation data.

On the other hand, in the current dynamic interweaving technological and web situation, patients are expected to participate proactively, regularly coordinating their care among multiple providers, interacting with health information outside the medical center or clinic, and sharing health information with others in their personal and professional lives.

This central role means patients must store, maintain, and retrieve many kinds of personal health information, ranging from medication schedules to information researched online about their conditions, to referrals, to contact information for individual clinicians.

This EHR with telemedical functions is unique for Bulgarian ophthalmic medical practice, because it’s the only specialized information system in the area, unlike the other combined software solutions.



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