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Information technologies and development disorders,

Information technologies and development disorders

Iliya Pendzhurov, Polina Mihova

1, 2,New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria

penjurov@nbu.bg1, pmihova@nbu.bg2


Abstract: The field of medical (health) informatics broadly addresses the cognitive, information processing, and communication tasks of medical practice, education, and research by focusing on the development of computer-based patient records, decision support systems, information standards, data aggregation systems, communication systems, and educational programs for patients and health providers. This expanding field is facing challenges to develop, for special populations, technology solutions that acknowledge the unique needs of these groups.

1.     the special information needs of paediatric care and

2.     health service research questions related to the use of information technology in children's health care.

Technologies that support the care of children must address issues related to growth and development, children's changing physiology, and the unique diseases of children and interventions of paediatric care. Connectivity and data integration are particular concerns for child health care workers. Consumer health information needs for this population extend beyond the needs of one individual to the needs of the family. Recommendations of the attendees include rapid implementation of features in electronic health information systems that support paediatric care and involvement of child health experts in policy making, standards setting, education, and advocacy.

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